Sunrise Guesthouse

Sunrise Guesthouse has opened its doors just about 4 years ago and is composed of three modern buildings in the vicinity of the sea front with nearby access to the sea.

bothHousesThe main house has three large en-suite bedrooms, one bedroom with separate shower/WC, a big lounge and a spacious kitchen.  A chef can be provided on request.



appartmentHouseOutsideThe adjacent buildings contain either units comprising a bed- and bathroom, or are suits, i.e. bedroom, lounge area, and bathroom.



Bedrooms accommodates up to 3 persons. All rooms and suits are equipped with modern bathrooms and a terrace.


Electricity is provided by a solar installation and a backup generator.

Price Accommodation Room:
Per person:  2000 KSH

Price Accommodation Suites:
Per person:  2500 KSH

Price Meals:
Breakfast  400 KSH
Lunch          800 KSH
Dinner:       800 KSH

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