Marine Conservation Area

The Marine Conservation Area is a project of the Wasini Beach Management Unit

Beach Management Unit Wasini
The Beach Management Unit (BMU) is the foundation of fisheries co-management and is a community-based organization that brings together everyone involved in fisheries at the beach – boat owners, boat crew, traders, processors, boat builders and repairers, net repairers and others – to work with government and other stakeholders in managing fisheries resources and improving the livelihoods of the community members.

The unit set up a Marine Conservation Area around a coral reef north of the island.

IMG_5594Fishing & anchoring is forbidden in this area to protect the living reef. Snorkeling is allowed and it is a great alternative to the much pricier Mpunguti Kisite National Park.

IMG_5586A small entrance fee is charged and all proceeds go to village welfare projects.

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