Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens is a project of the Wasini Women Group

The Wasini mangrove and Coral Garden conservation project was set up and funded by the Biodiversity Conservation Program, a joint venture between the Kenyan government and the European Commission, as part of an income generating eco-tourism project to help preserve the giant coral rocks on the island and the mangrove forest while providing a livelihood for the village community.

For years, the fossil coral gardens had been a tourist attraction with local and foreign visitors intrigued by the mere presence of the giant rocks. However, there was no organized guide for visitors to the site, or pathways to get around the gardens.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) came up with the idea of constructing a boardwalk around the site and it was finally constructed by KWS staff and villagers, with technical help from an experienced construction engineer and financial support from the governments of the Netherlands and Germany. The 70-member Wasini Women Group is directly responsible for its operation and management, collecting visitors’ fees, and providing guiding services. The proceeds are allocated to several village welfare projects.

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