Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is considered to be the most magnificent of all Kenyan marine parks. It covers an area of 39 km² and comprises four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Major attractions include dolphins (bottlenose and humpback dolphins), sea turtles (mainly green turtle and hawksbill), sea birds, and a multitude of coral fishes. With a bit of luck, humpback whales can be spotted during their migration time from July to October.

Nautical Map of Wasini & Kisite Mpunguti Marine NP
Tours to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Natioanl Park and Wasini Island are offered where participants have plenty of time to watch the pods of resident dolphins, for snorkeling in the coral reef, or to even make a scuba dive.
We kindly ask all visitors to support the island population by opting for a Wasini Boat Operator where a very high percentage of the proceeds benefit the island population instead of being channeled to foreign bank accounts (see also “Sustainable Tourism on Wasini”).
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For a detailed schedule of a day tour to Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park and Wasini island, please click here.

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