Wasini Island Boat Tours & Land Excursions

If you are in he mood to do something else than just relax on Wasini island, there is a variety of activities and tours on land and at sea.

All land excursions can be done without a guide. However, a local guide will provide additional insider info on architecture, indigenous flora and fauna, and introduce you to local anecdotes and customs.

  • Wasini Village Tour including a visit of the Coral Gardens and its boardwalk, the local football club, communal cisterns, mosque, dispensary, primary school and the madrassa. (2 – 3 hrs)
  • Dolphin and snorkeling tour to Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park – please go to “Wasini Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours”
  • Dhow sailing tour in the vicinity of Wasini Island (from 1 hr and KSH 1,800 pp) with the possibility of snorkeling in Wasini’s Marine Conservation Area .
  • Trekking tour across the island to its southern coast, past palm plantations and the tiny fishermen’s village “Nymamaji”. Great views of the open sea and Mpunguti Islands. (2-3 hrs)
  • Trekking tour to the larger fishermen village “Mkwiro” on the east coast of the island (3-4 hrs).
  • Dhow cruise to Vanga near the Tanzanian border (full day tour)
  • Boat tour from Wasini to Funzi Island (full day tour)
  • Fishing trip near Wasini: bottom-fishing & inshore-trawling – fun for everyone. A fisherman will teach you the ropes. (from KSH 3,200 pp for a 1/2 day tour)
  • Deep sea fishing / trophy fishing in the Pemba Channel with experts from a well-renowned fishing club ($ 650 for 6 hrs, or        $ 850 for 10 hrs,  all inclusive).
  • Visit of the Slave Caves in Shimoni followed by an instructive nature walk through the indigenous forest with good chances to spot Angolan black-and-white colobus monkeys.  (2 hrs)
  • Visit of the Fikirini 3-Sisters Caves near Tswaka (1/2 day tour)
  • Snorkeling in Wasini’s Marine Conservation Area (¹, ³)
  • Sea kayaking (Ksh 350pp < 1 hr, Ksh 700pp >1 hr)

Rates Guide:

Local guide (English/Swahili): <4 hrs 800 KSH / >4 hrs 1,500 KSH

Local guide (French/German/Italian/Arabic/Dutch/Polish):                    <4 hrs: 1,400 KSH / >4 hrs 2,600 KSH

Rates Boat Cruises:

if not indicated, on request (depending on group size and season)

Fees for Community(¹)/Welfare(²)/Conservation Projects (³)             per non-resident adult:

Coral Garden (¹,³)                                       KSH 200,00

Marine Conservation Area (¹,², ³)      KSH 500,00

Shimoni Slave Caves (¹,³)                        KSH 400,00

Sea Eagle with boat off Wasini Island

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