Wasini Youth Nature Club

WASINI YOUTH NATURE CLUB founded on 05.05.2015.

Th club’s motto is the “Conservation of nature through environmental education and related activities with Wasini’s youth.”

The club has been founded with the belief that the future of conservation lies to a large extent in the hands of the young people.

By educating the children and young people on environmental issues through presentations, lectures, and workshops – and by directly applying this acquired knowledge first-hand in organized activities, Wasini’s natural resources will be in better hands in the future.

The pertaining mismanagement of our natural resources can – at least to a large extent – be ascribed to bad habits. Bad habits are hard to break but our children and young people are luckily still less conditioned. Our hope is that their good example shall with time have effects on the older generation, too.

Please find here info on how you can support this project  with material donations. We do not solicit financial contributions via the net but collect small contributions from guests visiting Wasini Island.

To view the current agenda of the Club, please click here.

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