Wasini Island – What 2 Expect

Wasini Island is called by many guests “paradise on earth”. At first, this might sound like another inane slogan but Lamu’s little sister truly is a unique haven of peace and tranquility. The hustle and bustle of Kenya’s coastal beaches seem a 1000 miles away. Unpleasant companions like intrusive beach boys and pickpockets are left behind on the mainland.

Wasini Island is actually an outcrop of fossilized corals, has neither fresh ground water, nor a connection to the main power grid, and has only patches of sandy beach. These circumstances make the island unattractive for mass tourism and it remained untouched by the big foreign investment spree which changed the face of so many areas on the Kenyan coast forever.

If you are looking for an authentic place – and are willing to go some time without conventional luxury – then you might have found your dream island. No cars, no roads, but a lot of wild nature and traditional Swahili culture!

The clock seems to tick at a different rate here.

People have time; time to chat, time to relax, time to interact.

What about staying overnight on Wasini Island, get to sleep to the sound of crushing waves? Would you like to be introduced to the art of henna painting, wood carving, or the strategic game Bao? What about watching the local fishermen handle their nets, learning how to catch an octopus, watching dolphins, snorkeling the reefs, scuba diving into its depths, or venturing into the mangrove forest?


There are a million things to do – and a million good ways to do nothing but chill out.

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